Rebeccas Launch New Website

Rebeccas Launch New Website

Rebeccas Launch New Improved Website

Due to our ever growing strong reputation it was only a matter of time before we decided that our customers deserved a new and much more eye-catching website with easier navigation.

We have spent the last month giving the site a complete overhaul and are proud to announce that after some real hard work and endless trips to the designers, our new site is here and going live today.


Reason 2 Design – helping bring our passion online

Providing the design inspiration were a local Southport Web Design & SEO CompanyReason 2 Design.

From the word go they took the project with a firm grasp of our goals and brought our vision to life. Their company strap line is ‘Reason 2 Design – Your Passion Online’ and they most certainly did bring our passion online and understood our brief totally, resulting in what you see here today in a very timely fashion.

We hope you all enjoy browsing our new site and thanks for stopping by, feel free to pop into the shop on Lord Street to view our full range of Rolex Watches and Fine Jewellery.

A Fantastic Selection

A Fantastic Selection

A Fantastic Selection of Solitaire Diamond Rings at Rebecca’s of Southport

Solitaire Diamond Rings are possibly one of our best selling items for many reasons. Here are just a few.

Customers travel to our Shop on Lord St, Southport from miles around to choose a diamond ring from our fabulous array. The reasons people buy luxurious diamond rings from us are many fold. We have the ability to fashion bespoke creations for our clients and with so many different styles to choose from people are often left spoilt for choice.


More about the Diamond Rings for sale at Rebeccas Jewellers

Providing bespoke diamond jewellery that fulfils the dreams of many people we are possibly one of the best-known shops locally in the jewellery business. The more you know about the jewellery you invest in, the more you can appreciate it:

  • The Cut of your Choice – We have high grade Diamonds available in all the cuts imaginable – Round Brilliant, Princess cut, Marquise, Oval and Pear shape, all set in 18ct White or Yellow Gold bands. If we can’t find anything matching your choice amongst our considerable stock then the setting design can be made to suite.
  • High Grade Diamonds – our Solitaire Diamond Rings have exceptionally clear, high grade Stones. The majority of these are SI / VS and F-H colour.
  • Alterations – If you were to buy a ring from stock, then alterations can easily be made. The majority can usually be carried out within an hour or two usually at highly competitive prices and to the best of standards.
  • 12 Month Warranty – when creating our Diamond Rings, we always take the time to ensure that they are finished to the best possible standard, however each ring does come with a 12 month Warranty to cover any manufacture defects.


Affordable Diamond Jewellery at Rebecca’s Jewellers

Whether you’re searching for an engagement ring, or looking to upgrade, you need to look for a genuine supplier who can offer quality Diamond Jewellery at affordable prices. If you shop with Rebecca’s Antiques and Jewellery, you can choose from a superb range of Luxury Diamond Rings, all in pristine condition, that come with a 12 month warranty. We also offer competitively priced Jewellery servicing, so you can be confident when you buy through our online store. Take a look at our Solitaire Diamond Ring collection and order today.

Rolex Watches – A Timely History

Rolex Watches – A Timely History

Rolex Watches – A Timely History

Rolex watches have reigned supreme in the world of watches for over a century; a century in which the brand has become representative of superior quality and in which Rolexes have become timeless timepieces.

There is a power to the simple words ‘Rolex watches’. It is not like mentioning any other watch making brand; Rolex has a gravitas that has been earned over the last century, and it has been hard earned with exceptional engineering, innovative design and groundbreaking concepts. The appeal of Rolex watches has steadily grown since the company’s inception and today the brand is as big as ever, and is King of the timepiece industry. Let us have a look now, at how Rolex has achieved these feats, with a glimpse into its past.


Rolex Watches – A Century, Perfectly Timed

It may seem a little surprising that the Rolex company actually originated in London. Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law Alfred Davis founded Wilsdorf and Davis there back in 1905 and the pair worked importing Swiss watch movements which they would place inside watch cases. Wilsdorf registered the trademark Rolex three years later and opened an office in Switzerland and the Rolex company took off not long after that. Rolex watches have continued to be produced in Switzerland since the early 20th century and the watches that have been conceived include many innovations. Rolex watches had the first automatically changing date on the dial back in 1945; they had the first casing waterproof to 100 metres, and among other things Rolex was the first watchmaker to earn a chronometer certification, thanks to fantastic precision.


Rolex Watches – Super Models

As well as being fantastically functional and precise, Rolexes are known for their striking beauty and devastating design. The Rolex models that are available on the market either brand new or second hand, look superb and iconic models include:

  • Rolex Daytona – the Rolex Daytona was originally introduced in the 1960s but only a limited number were produced. More were manufactured in the 1908s and were quickly snapped up by eager fans of this stunning timepiece.
  • Rolex Sea Dweller – the Sea Dweller was designed as a diving watch in the 1960s for marine divers and it can withstand depths of up to 610 metres. It is also a popular fashion watch thanks to its simple but stylish design.
  • Rolex Submariner – this is one of the most iconic Rolex watches and this is thanks largely to the fact that the Submariner was what James Bond wore in the movies, on the insistence of producer Cubby Broccoli. This watch though, being a Rolex, has plenty of other attributes that make it a stunning timepiece.


Superlative Rolex Watches from Rebecca’s Jewellers

Rebecca’s Jewellers is home to a fantastic range of genuine, top quality rolex watches that are both precise and beautiful. To view the selection available, visit the website at

The Origin of Rolex Watches

The Origin of Rolex Watches

The Origin of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are extremely extravagant and are luxury collector’s items for anyone who has a passion for jewellery and watches, but why are they such celebrated items?

Rolex watches are a luxury item, worn by the rich and famous. A Rolex can often mark the turn of success, and many people will dream of owning one. But what makes Rolex watches so sought after? And why exactly are they so much more extravagant than other watch brands?

The history of Rolex watches comes from a visionary spirit, and this lives on today. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex watches came about in the early 20th Century. In 1905, Hans and his brother in law started their watch business, a company called Wilsdorf and Davis. Just 3 years on and Hans registered the Rolex watches trademark, embarking on the journey that was to create one of the most incredible and successful brands in the world.


Rolex Watches – The Status Symbol

It is this combination of analogue complexity and physical beauty that makes people continue to love, collect and wear wristwatches, even in the midst of our digital age. A mobile phone or laptop computer may be able to tell the time with equal precision – but they are not beautiful in the same ways as rolex watches.


Rolex Watches: Innovation

Rolex watches are regarded as one of the most valuable brands across the globe, and many people believe that owning Rolex watches can indicate success in life. Today, Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand in the world, but where did it all begin?

Hans Waldorf entered into the world of watch making when he was still very young and impressionable. But what made him different, was his innovation and his ambitious nature. At that time, pocket watches were mainstream, but Hans had a vision for watches that could be worn on the wrist. Rolex watches were the first, the original.

After registering the trademark, Wilsdorf registered the company name “Rolex” and later won a Class A Precision certificate, awarded by Kew Observatory. He had a dream of making wrist watches reliable, elegant and beautiful.


Rolex Watches – It’s all in the Name

There are various theories as to where the name for Rolex watches derives from. One theory is that the name “Rolex” was chosen because Hans felt that there was a sense of onomatopoeia, suggesting that the name sounded like a watch being wound.

Others also believe that Rolex watches were named “Rolex” because it would appeal to the entire world as the name was easy to pronounce in all languages.


Shop Online with Rebecca’s Jewellers

If you are looking for rare and hard-to-find rolex watches then check out our current collection. We have some of the most sought after watches; Shop online today with Rebecca’s Jewllers for men’s Rolex watches, women’s Rolex watches, sports Rolex watches, diamond jewellery and more.

Why buy Pre-owned

Why buy Pre-owned

Reasons to buy Pre owned Rolex Watches from Rebeccas Jewellers

A new Rolex watch, like almost all luxury items, depreciate in value of up to 25% straight after you first wear it. A Pre-owned Rolex watch however, will hold its value. Over time they can be worth even more than the original purchase cost. With due care and regular maintenance, a Rolex watch will last your lifetime. With little change in the design of models over the years, there can be hardly any noticeable difference between a Rolex watch circa 1980 and one from 2000. All of this contributes to the watch retaining its value over time.

Traditionally, Rolex watches have been worn by only the wealthiest men and women. Now though, wearing a Rolex watch could be reality for you. Rolex are no longer exclusively the domain of the rich and the famous. Accepted symbols of success, Rolex watches can create an aura of confidence and glamour for the wearer – beyond respect from your peers in the workplace.

Rebeccas Jewellers delivers you a unique combination of quality and affordability by regularly sourcing men’s and ladies used Rolex. We stock all styles including Datejust, Day-date, Turn-O-graph, Air-king. We also stock the Sports models such as Submariner, Daytona, Yacht-Master, GMT-Master and Sea-dweller..

A second hand Rolex can appear and function just like it was brand new. All our Rolex watches go through stringent quality-control and hours of testing and certification processes. All parts and accessories including the bracelet, crystal, dial, bezel, lug, and crown on our watches are meticulously examined for any imperfections before they go on sale. When we sell a Pre owned watch we provide you with a 12 month warranty.

Each watch we sell includes our own certification. We cannot always provide the original certificate unless it has been retained. Our second hand Rolex watches are always in excellent condition and they are shipped in an original ‘Oyster perpetual box’ at no extra cost.

If preferred, we can customize your watch, adding aftermarket diamond dials and bezels along with replacing stretched out links on certain models that we carry. The case, bracelet and most importantly, the movement of every watch we sell is genuine Rolex.

Based in the North West UK, Rebecca’s Jewellery shop readily undertakes Rolex watch repairs. Our Rolex watch servicing is carried out to the highest of standards and priced at £389.00 plus costs for any extra parts needed. Our Valet polishing service costs £85 per watch.

Rolex Watches: Precision Timepieces

Rolex Watches: Precision Timepieces

Rolex Watches: Precision Timepieces

Rolex watches are the connoisseur’s timepiece of choice.

Rolex watches and other high end brands are not just there to tell the time – they are there to tell the time in a beautiful way. Sleek and complex objects, they glint enticingly in a mosaic of gold, silver, white and grey, hands ticking precisely, like some fabled artefact recovered from its remote hiding place by an intrepid treasure hunter.

Rolex watches and other high end brands are also enticingly complex objects – we sense the intricate network of wheels and cogs beneath the shiny face.


What Time Is It?

It is this combination of analogue complexity and physical beauty that makes people continue to love, collect and wear wristwatches, even in the midst of our digital age. A mobile phone or laptop computer may be able to tell the time with equal precision – but they are not beautiful in the same ways as rolex watches.


Rolex Watches: Innovation

Rolex Watches – which predate the First World War – exemplify the ‘watch as jewellery’ concept. They tell the time but also say something very clear about the person wearing it, just like driving a Mercedes rather than a Ford Mondeo.

But Rolex watches are not just about looks: they are also very practical. Throughout the last century, this Swiss company has brought many innovations to the market. It created the first model with an automatically changing day display; the first with an automatically changing date display; the first capable of displaying two time zones at once; and the first wristwatch waterproof to 100 metres.

The latter innovation points to the company’s extensive track record in producing bespoke models suitable for such extreme pursuits as deep sea diving and mountain climbing.

Models built with water in mind include the Rolex Submariner and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Sea Dweller. The latter even featured a helium release valve. Meanwhile the Explorer model Rolexes catered for rough terrain such as the then contemporary expeditions to Mount Everest.

Meanwhile, the famous Rolex GMT Master was also created in the 1950s for Pan Am Airways, who requested a watch to help pilots crossing multiple time zones on long haul flights. ‘GMT’ stands, of course, for ‘Greenwich Mean Time’.


Watch This Space

Rebecca’s Jewellers of Southport, specialists in quality used rolex watches and diamond jewellery since its establishment in 1974.