The Origin of Rolex Watches

The Origin of Rolex Watches

Rolex watches are extremely extravagant and are luxury collector’s items for anyone who has a passion for jewellery and watches, but why are they such celebrated items?

Rolex watches are a luxury item, worn by the rich and famous. A Rolex can often mark the turn of success, and many people will dream of owning one. But what makes Rolex watches so sought after? And why exactly are they so much more extravagant than other watch brands?

The history of Rolex watches comes from a visionary spirit, and this lives on today. Founded by Hans Wilsdorf, Rolex watches came about in the early 20th Century. In 1905, Hans and his brother in law started their watch business, a company called Wilsdorf and Davis. Just 3 years on and Hans registered the Rolex watches trademark, embarking on the journey that was to create one of the most incredible and successful brands in the world.


Rolex Watches – The Status Symbol

It is this combination of analogue complexity and physical beauty that makes people continue to love, collect and wear wristwatches, even in the midst of our digital age. A mobile phone or laptop computer may be able to tell the time with equal precision – but they are not beautiful in the same ways as rolex watches.


Rolex Watches: Innovation

Rolex watches are regarded as one of the most valuable brands across the globe, and many people believe that owning Rolex watches can indicate success in life. Today, Rolex is the largest single luxury watch brand in the world, but where did it all begin?

Hans Waldorf entered into the world of watch making when he was still very young and impressionable. But what made him different, was his innovation and his ambitious nature. At that time, pocket watches were mainstream, but Hans had a vision for watches that could be worn on the wrist. Rolex watches were the first, the original.

After registering the trademark, Wilsdorf registered the company name “Rolex” and later won a Class A Precision certificate, awarded by Kew Observatory. He had a dream of making wrist watches reliable, elegant and beautiful.


Rolex Watches – It’s all in the Name

There are various theories as to where the name for Rolex watches derives from. One theory is that the name “Rolex” was chosen because Hans felt that there was a sense of onomatopoeia, suggesting that the name sounded like a watch being wound.

Others also believe that Rolex watches were named “Rolex” because it would appeal to the entire world as the name was easy to pronounce in all languages.


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