Rolex Watches – A Timely History

Rolex watches have reigned supreme in the world of watches for over a century; a century in which the brand has become representative of superior quality and in which Rolexes have become timeless timepieces.

There is a power to the simple words ‘Rolex watches’. It is not like mentioning any other watch making brand; Rolex has a gravitas that has been earned over the last century, and it has been hard earned with exceptional engineering, innovative design and groundbreaking concepts. The appeal of Rolex watches has steadily grown since the company’s inception and today the brand is as big as ever, and is King of the timepiece industry. Let us have a look now, at how Rolex has achieved these feats, with a glimpse into its past.


Rolex Watches – A Century, Perfectly Timed

It may seem a little surprising that the Rolex company actually originated in London. Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law Alfred Davis founded Wilsdorf and Davis there back in 1905 and the pair worked importing Swiss watch movements which they would place inside watch cases. Wilsdorf registered the trademark Rolex three years later and opened an office in Switzerland and the Rolex company took off not long after that. Rolex watches have continued to be produced in Switzerland since the early 20th century and the watches that have been conceived include many innovations. Rolex watches had the first automatically changing date on the dial back in 1945; they had the first casing waterproof to 100 metres, and among other things Rolex was the first watchmaker to earn a chronometer certification, thanks to fantastic precision.


Rolex Watches – Super Models

As well as being fantastically functional and precise, Rolexes are known for their striking beauty and devastating design. The Rolex models that are available on the market either brand new or second hand, look superb and iconic models include:

  • Rolex Daytona – the Rolex Daytona was originally introduced in the 1960s but only a limited number were produced. More were manufactured in the 1908s and were quickly snapped up by eager fans of this stunning timepiece.
  • Rolex Sea Dweller – the Sea Dweller was designed as a diving watch in the 1960s for marine divers and it can withstand depths of up to 610 metres. It is also a popular fashion watch thanks to its simple but stylish design.
  • Rolex Submariner – this is one of the most iconic watches and this is thanks largely to the fact that the Submariner was what James Bond wore in the movies, on the insistence of producer Cubby Broccoli. This watch though, being a Rolex, has plenty of other attributes that make it a stunning timepiece.


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