Find the perfect second-hand Rolex watch with Rebecca’s Jewellers

By their very nature, Rolex watches are built to last and be handed down to the next generation. At Rebecca’s, we have a beautiful selection of second-hand Rolex watches for both ladies and gentlemen. From traditional styles to more contemporary designs, we can help you find your perfect pre-loved timepiece.

Our Rolex watches are fully certified as genuine and in peak condition, giving you peace of mind that your investment is a sound one. Why not take a look at our pre-owned Rolex online today? Please feel free to contact us and arrange a viewing.

We divide our second-hand Rolex watches into three main categories: Men’s, Ladies’ and Sport:

Men’s – Our Preowned Men’s Rolex section frequently includes the timeless Submariner, DATEJUST and Explorer models.

Ladies’ – Our Preowned Ladies’ Rolex section often features various DATEJUST models that are very popular with our customers.

Sport – Our Preowned Sport Rolex watches are ideal for the active individual. From Cosmograph and Daytona to various Sea Dweller models, we have it all.

Simply click on each category to view the corresponding luxury watches. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch today as our stock may not all be listed online.

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